The Country Villa

In the Åmot Country Villa, you will have the opportunity to experience an authentic Norwegian
atmosphere. The interior of the Villa tells the story of strong female characters, whose spirits can still be felt in the house. Being the family home of co-owner Steinar, every piece has a story to tell, every picture on the wall captures a moment that passed in this family, on this farm. While recently renovated, the villa is still has the feel of a country home. The modern elements of comfort, such as the tiled bathrooms and sleek kitchen appliances, manage to fit together perfectly with antique wooden furniture. Most of the furnishings are authentic, family pieces with a history of their own. The living room areas of the villa harken back to the days of sitting rooms, with a table instead of a television as the centrepiece, the perfect place for conversation over after-dinner drinks. An atmosphere of pomp and ceremony from the 1890s still pervades, but is inviting, not stiff. Attention has been given to every beautiful detail from floor to ceiling. The Villa is home to two suites, the Kiri Suite and the Sina Suite.